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Learn Now What is Web Development 2018

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What is Web development

When we say world web development we means creating or designing web pages or other things that run on the internet. We are living in the age of modern technology. That is why to live in this modern world we are bound to use the technology.

In the field of technology internet play a wonderful or main role. Internet makes the world close to each other. Information transfer is very easy today from one place to another place and this is possible only due to internet. In the past this is not such easy to search information about anything.

Now the use of internet increase day by day. Internet contains millions of web pages that contain information that is used by people in the world. These web pages can be view everywhere in the world. Making of these web pages is called web development. Web development is learn by students to make money online. Web pages are made by different rules and languages. The web developers must follow these syntax of rules while making web pages. Some most important languages used in the

web development are as follows.

  • Html
  • Css
  • Bootstrap
  • Php
  • Javascript

These are some basic languages that used in web development.  By the passage of time new languages comes which is used to make web pages.

Html5 is the most basic language of  web pages. Almost 80% web page are made in this languages it use tags to represent data on the internet.

Css is normally used for styling purpose to decorate text of html language in some beautiful manners.

Bootstrap is new but very popular language today it makes code simple because it contain predefined directories which makes html or css code short.

PHP is normally used to manage back end of the web pages to maintain data in the database. Php is a open source language it is most widely used language to maintain back end. It is less secure but still it is used.

Javascript is also used to style web pages. It also used to makes animation on the web pages.

Web development is great field today people attract towards it heavily. Because the world style of living is changed now. Everything is turned into web. Online shoping websites is also made by using these languages. All these things happen due to internet and web development.

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