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What is Software Construction in software Engineering

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Definition of Software Construction

“Software construction based on the software engineering principles. It define the complete procedure of software design. It contains all process such as:”

  1. Problem Defination

  2. Planning

  3. cost estimation

  4. time estimation

  5. Requirements Analysis

  6. coding and designing

  7. Unit testing

  8. Integration Testing

  9. Deployment

We Represent all these factors in the graphical way as follows:

software construction

Why it is important?

The construction is the main activity of software development.

1) It is not possible to design a software without construction.

2) It contains engineering principles that is very necessary for the development of software.

3) When development team gave focus on the software construction it increase the productivity of the individuals.

4)Without it we cannot complete the Software Development life cycle ( SDLC ) Model.


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