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What is SDLC Model Advantages and Disadvantages

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What is SDLC?

SDLC stands for Software development life cycle.  We know that when we design something we try to use some rules and regulations. It main purpose to make design perfect and good. If we does not have any background knowledge of the product which are we going to develop we face lot of difficulty. Similar when we design or develop a software we follow some model for better development. So SDLC software development life cycle tells which step we used in development and how it is used.

When an individual works on a small project it is not necessary to follow or implement this model. This model is normally implement to an professional organization. The organizations which are working on a big or value able projects. Normally all well organization used any of the development model. There are some organization which not used any model but such organization not consider good.

Graphical Representation

SDLC MODEL Advantages and disadvantages

Now we discuss six level or stages of SDLC Model.These stages are as follows:


2)Defining Requirements


4)Building or Developing




Planning is one of the first level or stage in the software development life cycle. We know that when we start any thing we makes a pictures in our minds. This picture helps us when we start our actual work. Similarly in development model before we start our working we make a picture or plan something in our mind. We plan how we work in the projects.

There are many strategies we made in this level.

We plan our number of our team members

Sources which require to complete the project

Time prediction for the project

And also predict the cost of the project

It means we create a proper plan for the future development.

Defining Requirements:

In this face we discuss what are the requirements of our customer. We makes strategy according to the customer requirements. For the developers it is important to satisfy their clients. So to satisfy the clients we should meet the customers requirement. So it is important that the requirements define initially clearly so it does not create problem in the future.

Designing Architecture:

Once the planning is complete and the customer requirements clearly defined we go for the third step of SDLC. In this step we create or design an architecture of our system.  We can say that we represent our system in some graphical manner. That define our system clearly and completely.

For example as the civil engineers makes blue prints of building before start making building. Similarly we make a model of our system that completely describe our system.


When the first three steps completed then we go to our main project. We start making our system. It mans we generate codes of our project etc.

There are some rules that developer follow while developing the system or product. This is very important part   in our development. We must ensure that it is conducting correctly.


After the actual development of our system we go for the testing face. Testing is conducted to ensure that the system that are we designing is quality ensure. The requirements that are define by the customer full fill or not.

Many kinds of testing is conducted to ensure the quality of the project. We also test error or defects of our system or projects. some important testing types are as follows

1)unity Testing

2)integration Testing

3)System testing



Once the system is developed or testing properly then we go for the deployment process. It means we start to use our system in real environment.


Different Advantages of using SDLC Model are as follows

It provide easiness in the development of system.

The developer team works in the structure way.

It helps to increase the quality of the system that we design.


It is difficult to implement for the small project.

It does not understand by the unprofessional developers.

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