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What is Game Development-Learn Game Development

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Game Development

Game development is a wonderful field today. This is used to entertain children. This is very popular activity today to playing games. Games teach many things to the children. It is great source for children to learn something. If we teach child something with book it is difficult to teach them. But if we teach the same thing with the game it is easy to teach them.

There are different tools used in game development today.

Some most used tools for game development are as follows.

1) Unity

2) Blander

Unity is a complete organization that makes wonderful games. These games liked and played by the people all over the world.

Google play  store contain millions of games. People go to the Google play store buy games download it and enjoy by playing it. Students learn game development. And they build games that based on new ideas. This is liked by the people. It is also a source of income. Games can be sale and the developer gets benefits from it.

There are different things we have to do in game development. Such as graphics designing, coding and animation.

Graphics are very important in any game it attract the players for playing games. Graphics is also itself an interesting field. Many people work in this field which is used in virtual world.

Today the concept of virtual reality becomes popular it also used graphics.

Different types of computer Languages are used to develop games.

Most popular languages used for this purpose is java, and C#.

These languages used to perform different operations in this field. To handle over all game it is very important.

If you want to start game development you must be good in mathematics because it used graphs. The calculation must be strong for games development.

Game  Developed for different types of devices. For example Game are playing on Computers, different tablets or on android phones. All the games are design according to the nature of the device. If we are designing game for the user to play on computer these must be heavy or support graphics on computer. But if we want that game run on android. Then we first analyse the nature of the phones. For which we are going to design games.

Android Games:

The android games are specifically design for the android operating system such games are not playable on the other Plate form. They are design for the requirements of the android user.

PC Games:

PC games are normally heavy games that have very good graphics and large in size. The games for PC is design according to the nature of personal computers PC. These games  run only on the personal computers.


There are some gaming companies that launch both version of games mean both for android users or PC users. To popular their games they design their games in all natures so that everyone can use it.

This is good practice by the companies to provide facility to all kinds of users and peoples.



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