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Top Key Points to Become Successful In Life

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Today we discuss some  Key points to Become Successful in life. In the present day every one wants to be millionaire. Everyone wants to make his/her life easier. In this competition everyone work hard. Different people work in different fields to achieve their goals.


There is one thing between poverty and wealth and that is happiness. It means those peoples who have enough money to just survive in life. They have limited money that help them to full fill their requirements.

There is difference between rich people or happy people. The person who cannot be able to estimate their wealth is called rich people. The person who spent their daily income at daily bases is a middle person.

And the person that cannot fulfill their needs in their income is called poor.

Honesty is the best policy

A researcher “Thomas Stanley ” research about top millionaire of the world. And the common point that he found among all of them is that they all are honest. And that is this the main key point of our discussion. Form our childhood we listen the world honesty. I hope you listen that honesty is the best policy. But unfortunately we cannot make this sentence our practice. Believe us if you start to try to become honest in every stage of life you one day come. When you can believe with you heart that honesty is the best policy.

1. Honesty

So this is our first key point to become successful in our life. We will start to be honest in our life. Whenever we place our first step in the practical life we keep this world in mind. During the research of Thomas Stanley  also finds that the honest people accept their lose but they never accept dishonesty. And that is the real stage of the honesty. That is why they make credibility. And they easily make their status in the life. And the people trust them or on their worlds.

There are many factors also very important but one factor that we consider very important. But this is not such important. Yes this factor is education. We think that education is very important. We must have some degree to become successful in life. And also think that Degree makes us a millionaire. But according to the research of Thomas Stanley Degree comes on the number 30.

If you does not have degree you have chances to become successful. But if you are not honest there is no chance of Success. So if you are reading this blog to get success in you life so become honest from now. You will be find some goodness in this.

Here the Question arise honesty for what. The answer is honesty for everything. And first of them be honest for yourself. It is very deep thing but you must understand this sentence.

A lot of people we know that are very successful in their life. We all listen the names of Bill Gates . Where we listen the world success we also listen this name. What is the reason behind this. Yes the first reason is Honesty. He honest with their life with their work. So that is why he was the young millionaire.

2. Social Genius

Social genius is also one of them that makes man successful. The person who has this capability is great. According to the research the Factor Genius is on number 21. Means to become successful you does not be a genius. Or you need any extra IQ.

3. Value Of Time

We all know about the word Time. Time is one of the best factor to get success. If you does not respect the time the Time never respect yours. So don’t waste time. If you get an opportunity adopt it never waste time in thinking about it.

If there is problem in your work instead of you waste your time try to use this time to resolve the problem. The problem definitely resolve.

4. Hard Working

Hard working is very important to get your goals. Without work hard you gain nothing. When we call the Name Bill Gates we must know how much he work hard to get his aim. According to research almost 15 years he bound himself in the room. He just go outside the room once in the month. And one day they are able to achieve their goals.


Ethics is very important and good key point of the successful person. Every successful person have some ethic. It means a quality which make him different from others. Every one has a quality that makes them different form others.

So first you have to know about yourself. What is the key quality of your. The day you find this answer definitely  you are start to going on the way of success.

But if you are not able to find the answer of the question that what are you. Then first try to make yourself able to find the answer and then go further.

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