Top 10 Puzzles games To Increase IQ Level

Here You are Top 10 Puzzles games To Increase IQ Level.


Tetris is a one of the wonderfull puzzle game. That make people increase their IQ level. It is designed by the Russian Developer. Which was developed in the era of 19’s century. It is Old game abut still very popular and one of the most played games. If you want to play it or Download it. Then Click Below.



2)Monument Valley

Monument valley is one of the new puzzles games.It was the production of the 20th century. The number of user of this games are increase day by day. If You Want to play it or Download it then Click Below.



Portal is also very popular game. It is also available on the XBOX. You can play it online very easily. To Download Or play it click Below.

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4)World of Goo

world of goo is also popular in the store of IOS Mobile. It is also latest game. People like this game and play at daily routine.



5)The Room (2012 video game)

This is 20th Century game. Click Below to Download Or play game.


6)The Room Three

It is latest IOS based Game which is released in the past years. Click below to download or play Game.


7)The Witness


8)Lara Croft Go


9)Hitman Go


10)Puzzle Quest


SO These are some Poplar games that helps people to increase their IQ level.

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