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Top 10 Natural ways to Become Beautiful in 1 Month

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Here you can gave you Beauty Tips to tell you how to become beautiful. So follow all these steps.

1. Dry skin brush

Use a bristle brush and caress your skin while you dry out a few weeks in the morning before bathing. This normal morning routine increases lymphatic and blood circulation and removes dead skin cells! You get a shiny, smooth and touchable skin, guaranteed.

2nd sauna

Sweat is good for us and a dry sauna body helps with toxic toxins. Skin is one of the elimination parts of the body and if we allow dead cells (dry skin brush) to exhale and sweat, they can do their job very well.

3rd exercise

The blood flows with a kind of exercise of your choice. This will bring color to your skin and the increased amount and confidence the endorphins will look good on you! Include some exercises like Pilates or Yoga for a good posture. Hold your head up, be present and smile – you are beautiful!

4. Morning Walk

Morning walk is very good source to become beautiful. It makes you healthy and your face fresh for the whole day.

So try to walk daily at early morning.

5. Green juice

A green juice is like a liquid multivitamin! Cucumber is moisturizing, especially for the skin, and deer are weak and help process the body’s ditoksifikeshn. Try it as your one-day multipurpose and see what happens.

6. Eat fat and make an oil change

We need God fat to get well hydrated skin – it’s fat, dew and wrinkle free. Avocado, salmon, eat chia seeds, sardines and coconut and processed oils (rapeseed, sunflower, corn, soy, etc.) are to be enjoyed – they are more likely to cause inflammation in the oxidation and body – and a victory meal Not at all

7. Get a shower filter

Our body absorbs what we put on it – and that applies to the water we bathe and also bathe in! Today, all our tap water is added to the chlorine. Chlorine dries out the skin and can even cause rashes and itching. Get a shower filter that filters chlorine and other chemicals with your water. Your skin will thank you!

8. Bring your skin with oil

Cook your skin with toxic perfume, parabens and avoid additives and 100% pure oils like coconut, Jobba, offensive oil and shea butter. Jojoba oil is especially good for the skin as it helps to balance the natural oils.

9. Eat rainbow

Fruits and vegetables with bright colors are also rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals in the body. Free radicals are the main sources of aging on our skin and body, so he erase these because of the natural foods, fillers and expensive with the occasional magic potion.

10. Cut off the sugar

So far you have probably heard that Chinese is poisonous and can cause a number of chronic illnesses. But it also causes inflammation, which quickly results in wrinkles and even acne. Paste on fruits and sweet vegetables as the main sources of sweetness. (Bonus: You will also find all these good antioxidants!

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