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Top 10 Best Animation Software Ever -Free Download Links

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Top 10 Animation Software list is below.Animation is a great fun and work.  People like it very much. If you are beginner try hard to learn animation. Don’t worry when you learned animation you feel it like the game. Many people earn Million Of Dollar’s by making animated videos.

Here is the Top 10 Best Animation Software.

  • GoAnimate.

  • CrazyTalk.

  • iClone.

  • Toon Boom Harmony.

  • After Effects.

  • PowToon.

  • Blender

  • DAZ Studio

  • Plotagon

  • Video Explainers

1)Go Animate:

Go Animate is very interesting and amazing software. There are many categories available according to the user requirements. In each category a thousands of scenes available. Many characters also available. You have to select your desire character and go forward.

To add voice you have two  choices. First one is just enter the text.  Software automatically read it and speak it according to the language. Second option is recording. Record your voice and add it according to the video.

This software is normally used online. You have to create your account and feel up the form to used it. It provide you trial for some days. Remember that it is not free for use. After the trial expire you have to pay for the used of Go Animate.

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Here you can view video how to use go animate.


CrazyTalk is normally used for 2D Animation. It is normally used for making small but crazy videos. This software is n Old but it is  used very popularly. It version is update regularly. People like this software very much. You can used it for your first try. Just Download It and used it if it is according to your requirement then used it otherwise try another software.

You can also make characters by using this software.



IClone software is very large in their used. It is very popular and big software for animation. We say it Big because it perform many function like as follows.

Make animated videos

Creatr Character Models

Create 3D Models

And many other things. To read more about it and download it follow the Link Button


4)Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Harmony is used for making cartoon type video. This is used for making cartoon to make fun.This software is not freely used. You can used its some features freely. If you want to use all the features you have to purchase it.

For making Interesting video you have to used its paid modules or features. This is very big company. This company work for many purposes. If you are good in making animation you can be apply to become the part of company.  This company work on a large scale in making games.


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5)After Effects:

After Effects software is also used for making very attractive animated videos and many other things. It is very good software. Because it provide a friendly user interface. Anyone can used it very easily  without any problem. If you are a beginner then it is very good for you. You have to just click on icons and do their job. So try this and enjoy.



PowToon is also used for making animations. In this software we cannot make new models or characters. we just used pre-defined model and make animated videos or other things. There are many objects such as scenes characters available. We can used them according to our requirements.

PowToon is lunched in the market in 2012. And become very popular among the peoples.


Blender is very high effected animation software.It is at number 7 in Top 10 Animation Software. It is mostly used for the game animations. People normally used it for making different characters for the games.Computer games are very popular medium for fun. That is why the use of blender is very large.

Its structure is very difficult to understand. If you want to make high 3D Or 2D Graphics used this software. To learn this software you can search about it on the youtube. A lot of tutorials available on youtube. Just learn it step by step. And try to make animated videos or characters. I am sure any one can do this. Just need some practice. So do practice to become expert in Blender.

8)DAZ Studio

DAZ Studio is software provided By DAZ 3D. It is used for making 3D animation for different purposes. If you are a beginner you can used it easily. Because it is free for use. Any one can used it. There is no cost for using it. Mostly software are paid but this software is free. That is why it is mostly used by the people.

If you want to used it just go to its website. Create your account and used it without any problem. I am sure  You like this software.


Plotogon is also used for making cartoon type videos. By default a lot of scenes and characters are available. We just used these scenes. we cannot make our own characters in this software. Some scenes and characters are free. And can be used by any person. But many of objects and features are paid. If you want to make well featured video you have to purchase some scenes and objects functionality.

We can add our voice in this video. Or customize the gesture of the characters. It is also very simple to used. You does not have any need to learn this before its used. Because it provide GUI Means Graphical User Interface. Which help every one to make things simple. Just Download it and start making animated videos.

10)Video Explainer

Video Explainer is also a good software for animation. But there is many things different form the others software. If you want to use it you have some knowledge about it. It interface is different from others software.

In this software you have to write script first then you have to make animation. SO it is difficult but not impossible. Must try this for experience.

So this is Top 10 Animation Software. I hop you get benefit form it.

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