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How To Learn English complete and quick Method 2018

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Learning English:

learning English is the desire and wish of every one in specially in the Asia. The reason behind this is that English is popular international language. And it becomes trend to learn english. Most of the educational courses are in English.So people try their best to learn English. But as the English is not their natural language so there are lot of problems the people have to face in learning English.So today we see some most of the common problem that people face while learning English Language.

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Problem 1:Lack of vocabulary

Some people does not know the meaning of the many words. Due to which they cannot understand the English language. So to understand English language you must understand the meaning of plenty of words. This is happen by reading books and to do practice.

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Problem 2:Sentences

Basically sentences means Grammar rules to read and speak English language or any other Language. There are some rules that we must follow to speak any language. In English it is called sentences that tell us the the sentence spoken by any person based in which era. Without knowledge of grammar we cannot understand anything about English. So after collecting words we must learn bout grammar of English.

Problem 3:Pronunciation

Pronunciation means the way and style of utter a word of language. As i say before that English is not our mother language so that we can not easily speak word in correct pronunciation so some people face problem in speaking of utter word in the English language. The solution of this problem is practice. Try try again and till you gain your goal.

Problem 4:Lack Of Confidence

Some people hesitate in speaking English. This is due to lack of confidence the best way to avoid this problem is practice. Try to speak every time in English. That makes you confident and you can easily speak English.

Problem 5: Understand But Never Speak

Some people understand English easily but face difficulty in speaking English. It is due to a logical reason. Now we discuss this problem. When we speak in our native language we just chose any topic and we start to speak on it without wasting our time. Our mind work just on thinking on the topic so that mind potential consume on just single task. But when we speak in English we first think the topic in our native language then we start converting it into English language hence our mind work on two task First is on the thinking of topic in native language then on the convert of the topic into English language. So our time is also wasted and we take more time to focus on the topic which makes pressure on our mind. So to solve this problem we can do such thing that our mind reduce this time of process. But the question arise here is the how this is happen. What is the solution of this?


The solution of this problem is that if we start thinking in English then we can reduce this time. I think you not understand the previous line i explain it in the deep. When we re alone we think about many things this thinking is based on our native language similar that we start to think in English language to learn English . In this way we start to think in English and our mind face less pressure and we feel easy to speak English. If we try to resolve above problems then it is not difficult to learn English.

At last But not least try to practice to do anything if you try your best then surely you can gain anything.


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