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How To Earn Money online or Offline In Pakistan-Best opportunity

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Here We tell you how to Earn money online and offline in Pakistan

4 Best Sources to earn Money are as follows.

Start Your Own Website

Youtube Channel

Online Working For Website


SO here we discuss all these sources in detail.

1)Start Your Own Website:

Create you own website

Website are also a great source of earning money. Today a lot of people work on different website to earn money. IT is not quit simple or easy. We can say that it is hard to work on a website but it is not impossible. If you want to start work online don’t waste time and start with your own website. Making website and working on it is similar like we make our own business. So it means we can say it a business.

To make your own website you have to first decide a topic. A topic on which you want to make your website. This is very important step. The topic must be interesting which attract peoples. And you must be expert about activities related to the topic. It makes you easy to build your website.

It is a long term work. The result receive after sometime. If  you think that your earning start easily or quickly this is not possible. You have to work on your website for many months or may be for many years to rank your website. Website ranking on the search engines is very important. The better ranking attract the people to visit your site. So try this method if you think that you can do this.

2)YouTube Channel:

Create youtube Channel

Today a lot of people working on YouTube. This is a great source of earning today. It is very interesting method to earn money online. Peoples makes interesting videos and publish it on you tube plate form. If video have a quality content and people like to watch your videos. Then your channel rank up and you are able to start earning. But today there are a lot of competition on YouTube. So become popular on YouTube you must have a new idea.

The new idea help you to attract peoples to visit your channel and watch your videos. A millions of videos available on every topic on the YouTube. So your competition start with all these people when you take start on YouTube. Means you must have an strategy to compete with all of them.

So if you have an idea in your mind so don’t waste you time and start making videos. And upload it on your YouTube channel. And start earning. You can make different types o videos for your YouTube channel. Some suggestions form us are as follows. Click here to go on YouTube

Education Videos

Funny videos

Recent News




3)Work Online for Companies:

work online for company

Some companies provide online working to many peoples.But there is some restrictions. You must capable an eligible for the job. Many companies provide job to mange online data of their clients. Or to maintain the comapany data. You can search on google for these kinds of jobs.



Become Freelancer

Freelancing is a great and popular method of earning today. A millions of people working online and making money with this method. To gain this opportunity you must have some skills. A lot of skill are used for freelancing purpose. If you have any one of them then you can earn money.

There are many websites or plate form that provide facility  to work  as a freelancer. Different types of jobs available as a freelancer. Some of them are as follows.

Graphics Designing:

By the time the technology increase day by day. In every field of life technology take a part. Graphic designing term used for making pictures, editing pictures or improving pictures. A graphics designing is a very popular skills a lot of projects available on freelancing website about graphics.

If you have the graphic designing skill just go to any freelancing website and start bidding projects. You have to make the required animation or pictures and in the return you get Money.

Web Development:

web Development projects also available on freelancing website. If you are good web developer then you can go to freelancing website and start your career. But if you no know what is web development then don’t worry and read our blog on web development.

I you like web development field then try to learn this skill and come back for freelancing. Every day a thousand of projects are posted on the website. So here is the time to chose the filed.

Android App Development:

Android development is also a great and emerging skill in the field of technology. This is also a very big field. Today we know that almost every one have an android phone. So this is very use full today. If you have this amazing skill so don’t waste your time and start career on freelancing website.

But if you not know what is android development then start to learn this skill and gain this opportunity. This is very big field and also increase in the future.

Data Entry:

Many projects are also available for data entry. Data entry means store data in computer or in database. Enter text data in the computer is time consuming. When some company work on a large project a lot of text data are collected. All this data is very important so it is compulsory to store all the data. As it is time consuming so this data is stored by some third party. Some companies hire people from freelancing website. And provide them the task of enter data in the database.

So if you are good type writer and you have good writing skill then you can work on this type of project. Just go to freelancing website and take the data entry project and work on them.

In this way you can earn money very easily.

Blogs Writing:

If you visit freelancing website you see that there are also some projects available for writing blogs. Blogs writing is a professional method. Every one cannot do this. This is a great skill. You must have a lot of knowledge to write a blog. If you think that you have enough knowledge that you write a blog then start doing this.

Blogs may be in any language. So it is also compulsory you have a complete grip on the required language.

Language Translate:

language translate means converting one language to another language. As we know that many types of language are used in the world. So some people wants to used the content of other language  but they cannot understand the language of the content. So they  hire some one who can understand both language. He/she translate the content in the required language.

So on freelancing website also have a lot of project about that topic or skill. So if you have the knowledge multiple languages you can try this.

Website SEO:

Website Ranking Means make website visible in the top pages of search engines. When we lunch our new site it is not easily access able on the internet. So to make it easy to search you website you have to do SEO of your site.

It helps other people to read you information. And they can used this information in thier life.

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