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7 Best Ways To Increase IQ Level-Become a Smart Person

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Today Every one wants to increase his/her IQ level. Here you can read 7 Best Ways To Increase IQ Level. People want to make his brain more strong and powerful. So that they can compete with anyone in every field of life. As we know Health is Wealth. So keep your brain strong to become healthy in life. If you have a strong brain you can do anything.

7 Best Ways To Increase IQ Level are as Follow:

1)Play Puzzles Games
2)Daily Exercise
3)Morning Walk
4)Reading Books
5)Learn any Instrument
6)Don’t Focus on useless things
7)Make Everything Simple

Now we discuss all these 7 steps in  detail.

1)Play Puzzles Games:

Games are a great source of learning anything. When we are child our parents learn us everything  in the form of the way. It is very easy to play game. Because we feel interest in the games. Every game teach us something. May be we don’t know what are we learning. But there is something that gives us benefits. May be not at the present time but may be in the future.

Puzzle is a type of games. These games helps our brain to focus that open our brains. Usually mathematics are used in the puzzles games. The people who understand mathematics easily consider that there IQ level is Good.

Click Here To play Top 10 Puzzles games

2)Daily Exercise:

Today every one wants to fit in their life. So exercise is a great solution to become fit. There are many types of exercise that people do in their daily routine. Brain exercise is one of them. So to make your brain strong try this. Exercise makes our body or brain veins relax. That makes our mind fresh.

To learn about Brain exercise to can read further our blog.Tips For Brain Exercise.

3)Morning Walk:

Get up early in the morning is the great practice. Early morning walk also makes us fresh. When you go for early morning at daily basic you feel your mind fresh every time. So try this and tell me your experience in the comment section below.

Try to focus to these Two Things

1)45 Mint Walk
2)Walk in the Ground Greenery

4)Reading Books:

Reading Books is a great source of getting knowledge and make brain strong. But also keep in mind that always read the good books. Bad books effect may be in opposite. So before start reading book first search about the perfect book. If you think the book is good then read it otherwise chose an other book.

To gt an idea of good book you can click below heading.

Top 12 Best Books That You Must read

5)Learn any Instrument:

Instrument learning is an Art. It make your mind relax. And mind work on it in different way. It open you brain cell. For example if we discuss about music Instrument. Every one cannot understand it. Because it is not easy. It is not a regular thing. You must make your brain wide to learn this. SO that is why it is great practice to Learn Instrument to make brain strong.

6)Don’t Focus on useless things:

Always Try to avoid thinking on Useless things. Some people waste their time on focusing on useless things. They use their brain that has no meaning. So when you are going to do a job or work then first think about it. Is it OK. This is necessary or not. If it has some reward then go on. Otherwise leave it.

7)Make Everything Simple:

Make everything simple. If you are doing any work don’t wast you time on making it more complex. Always try to make work easy and simple. If you make it complex it make your mind complex. So try this surely you can get benefit from this.






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